About Us


UPLASS was established only for sales and marketing purposes with a very small fund, an office of 35 m2 at Istoç trade center,10 years ago, but started machine investments and production in a very short time due to the demands of the customer’s portfolio. With its latest investments, UPLASS is serving to Airline companies, catering companies, passenger transport companies, fastfood chains, market and trading companies in 42 countries with 5.000 m2 production and storage area in BEYLIKDUZU ORGANIZED INDUSTRIAL SITE . 90% of sales items are produced by ourselves. Furthermore, We also become tax recorder of the IKITELLI ORGANIZED INDUSTRIAL SITE between 2009 and 2011.


The differences we present in our industry are high quality and low cost practical solutions that provide creative, innovative passenger and user comfort. Besides, AVV Plastic always has a dominant, innovative, young and dynamic structure in sector with its design and AR-GE Works. Offering solutions that are very creative and brand value enhancement for companies with the customers' request in a very short time. While offering these solutions,on the one hand considering the quality of the customer and cost, on the other hand it aims the comfort and high liking of the passengers or users.


UPLASS has 24 years of experience and has been producing packaging solutions for aviation and passenger transportation, inflight catering, market, fast food for 10 years. Due to the our researcher's spirit, we constantly follows innovations and always provides practical solutions to our collaborators.